Yoga with Kimberly

Kimberly is a certified Yoga instructor and was awarded the Yoga consultant of the year in 2006. Yoga with Kimberly is inspiring and gentle weight loss for those keen to lose weight the gentle way. Feel the benefits of Hatha yoga postures, tensing and releasing muscles, deep stretches, breath work, meditation and deep relaxation. Kimberly believes that the key to permanent, effortless weight loss is in the mind; if we can “slim” the mind, then the body will follow.

Yoga is a natural form of physical and mental improvement. Yoga helps to optimise your metabolism, and realign and readjust your body to bring back its natural balance by freeing habitual blocks and tension acquired over the years.

Join a Yoga with Kimberly course and experience the difference in your body, your mind and your spirit. Anyone at any age can do it. We use simple breathing methods which help to optimise the metabolism, plus affirmations with the postures to tone and control the mind, and yoga exercises which tone the body. Not only is this method simple to do, for anyone, but it is also pleasurable.

Yoga with Kimberly looks at Slimming in a new healthy light, one that helps you slim as painlessly as possible with the minimum of fuss. So try this winning formula and achieve fantastic results for yourself.



Comments from some of Kimberly’s Yoga with Kimberly clients, when asked, what was the most positive impact on the course:

“The feeling of being in control and saying NO.” – A.B

“Finding inner strength” – P.R

“I have learnt to turn negatives into positives” – J. McD

“General greater feeling of well being into other areas of my life” – R.P

“Kimberly has a tranquil demeanour, is inspirational and has a soothing musical voice” – J. R

Try a course near you:

Wednesday Night

Penn Street Village Hall
6.30 – 7.30